BikeAcademy as an optional subject

BikeAcademy is officially an optional subject in the primary schools in the 3-4th and 5-6th schoolyears since 2013. The curriculum contains the following items: 

  1. Basic knowledge of traffic regulations (especially rules for the cyclists): compulsory equpiments of the bicycle, where the cyclists are allowed to cycle, the basic road signs, etc.  
  2. Basic technical knowledge: 'get to know your bicycle!' Different types of bicycles, the proper size of a bicycle, parts of a bicycle, basic maintenance issues
  3. Cycling skills (in practice): focusing on cycling in a safe and confident way we are developing the cycling skills of the children on the schoolyard by the help of various playful exercises, so they can easily learn, how to start and stop, mount on and off, turn left or right, avoid obstacles, etc.
  4. Basic knowledge of cycle touring: how to get dressed, what to eat and drink during a bike tour, what to bring with, how to use a map, etc.

Why is it needed?

  • The first vehicle of the children that thay can use individually, is the bicycle, but they are not really prepared for riding in real traffic.
  • There is a lack in the knowledge of the children: they do not really know and cannot apply the traffic regulations, and need a development of their practical cycling skills.
  • In Hungary in the primary schools there is an obligation to teach the children road safety issues, but only three lessons a schoolyear. It is not enough for getting acquinted the basic traffic regulations.
  • The children attending to a BikeAcademy course will be more safe and more confident in the traffic as a cyclist (and as a pedestrian too).

Nowadays in Hungary there is only one primary school, where the BikeAcademy is an optional subject, but Vuelta Sports Office is working hard on spreading the program countrywide.