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Introduction of Hungarian BikeAcademy Program

President of Vuelta Sports Association, and CEO of Vuelta Ltd (all together called Vuelta Sports Office) Károly Eisenkrammer is a professional bicycle rider, participant of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, more-time Hungarian champion in different cycling types (road, MTB, track). Today he counts one of the most official and trustworthy professional in field of bicycle as sport and bicycle as a mean of transport in the traffic.

The Vuelta Sports Office is acting in Hungary closely 15 years, organizes and coordinates different cycling events (bicycle races and tours). Vuelta Sport Association is the most professional organization in the field of organizing cycling events in Hungary.

In 2004 Vuelta Sports Office started to run a road safety program for pupils attending to elementary school. At the beginning the program was organized in a few schools in definite regions and was financed by a sponsor. As Vuelta Sports Office has a wide range of experience from different parts of the country, over the years the program has been developed to national level thanks to the cooperation with Hungarian Police and Institute for Transport Sciences. In 2008 the Vuelta Sports Office started to run the BikeAcademy program for school children, aged 9-12 in 18 schools as a pilot program and a connected mentor teaching program as well. Since 2008 we have implemented our BikeAcademy program in 35 schools countrywide in Hungary.

Since 2008 our BikeAcademy program has been permanently developing according to our wide experience. Nowadays BikeAcademy is available for the elementary schools as an optional subject or a voluntary course, and teachers can apply for a 30-hour-long training, where they can improve their theoratical and practical skills. In 2014 there were 103 mentors (elementary school teachers) trained country-wide in five regions as a pilot project.

The BikeAcademy program has a theoretical (road sings, traffic regulations) part and practical (imporoving cycling skills to be prepared for the traffic) part as well.

The director of the program is Tamás Abelovszky, who has been cooperating actively in developing the BikeAcademy program to national level. He is the director of theoretical and practical implementation as well.

More information:

Tamás Abelovszky
Director of BikeAcademy
+36 30 462 0181