The Vuelta Sports Office is acting since 2001, organizes and coordinates different cycling events (bicycle races and tours) as the most professional organization in the field of organizing cycling events in Hungary. In 2004 Vuelta Sports Office started to run a road safety program for pupils attending to elementary school. Beyond our educational programs we are organizing different cycling events for children also. The aim is to reach more children then involved in BringaAkadémia education.

Vuelta Sports Office offers BringaAkadémia programs to

  • primary schools
  • municipalities
  • companies

as a part of a bigger event, or as a substantive program.

The basis of 'BringaAkadémia RoadShow' is our mobile bikeability track that can be varied by the following activities:

  • BringaPárbaj (BikeDuel)
  • Highway Code Pool for children
  • cycle races for schools
  • short cycling tours
  • freestyle or trial show

The programs can be organized outdoor and indoor both (excluding the freestyle show).