Police officers has participated in a BikeAcademy training

The Vuelta Sports Office had been organised BikeAcademy (BringaAkadémia) training for police officers first time: in the program twenty police officers has participated from Pest County. The aim of the training was to prepare the police officers for safety transport education in primary schools.

The one-long day training had been oraganised in Budapest, on 7 March 2017, in cooperation with the Committee for Preventing Accidents of the Hungarian Police. The participants were police officers, who are regularly attending to schools to educate pupils in the field of safety traffic. The aim of the trianing was to present methodology that can help the participants in organising interactive lessons for the children. The focus was on safety cycling, based on the methodology of BikeAcademy (BringaAkadémia), but completed with some other issues and aspects of the topic, for example a lecture of a psychologist, who highlighted the fact, that children are acting on the roads as children, and they are seeing the world (and the the world of traffic) in a totally different way then the adults. Tamás Abelovszky, project manager of BikeAcademy has presented the safety cycling topic with many examples, photos, videos and games for the children, that can help the police officers making their education more exciting and interactive. All the participants has got the BringaAkadámia Mentors' Handbook at the end of the training.

The training in Budapest is the beginning of a long-term cooperation of the Hungarian Police and Vuelta Sports Office - the aim is to organise similar trainings in all the 20 counties of Hungary for police officers.