Safe4Cycle project meeting in Budapest

The next Safe4Cycle project meeting is to be hold 23-27 July in Budapest, Hungary. The host of the event, Vuelta Sports Association organized for the Austrian and Romanian guests various professional programs.

Project partners will meet the representatives of Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd. and the Hungarian Autoclub, who will present their safety cycling educational programs. Partners are going to visit two summer holiday camps (BringaAkadémia and Hungaroring - Miniring), and the 'Erzsébet camp' at lake Balaton, where will visit the BringaAkadémia mobile cycling ability track. Cylcing is also included: on Sunday cycling infrastructure of Budapest will be presented for the guests (including a sightseeing tour on bikes), and on Wednesday, after visiting 'Erzsébet camp' we will cycling in near lake Balaton.

Important goal of the project meeting is to define the further steps of Safe4Cycle program: to define the professional program of the pilot year in the schools, starting next schoolyear (content of the curriculum of the cycling courses, content of the children's book, etc.).