The biggest achievement of BringaAkadémia: Safety transport booklets for 200000 pupils

Vuelta Sports Office had achieved its biggest achievement, thanks to the intellectual outputs of the Safe4Cycle project. On 7 October 2018 Mr. Máriusz Révész, government commissoner for cycling and active leisure has announced, that all together 200000 pupils will get a booklet that contains the basic rules of transport for pedestrians and cyclists - and the booklet is based on the Bringakadémia Workbook, that had been developed in the frame of Safe4Cycle project.

Mr. Révész after getting acquinted with the intellectual outouts of SafeaCycle project has initiated in August 2017 a cooperation between the professional organisations in the field of safety transport education. A common work has started to develop a new booklet for 4th and 5th class pupils that contains the basic rules of transport for pedestrians and cyclists, based on BringaAkadémia Workbook. The experts of Institute for Transport Sciences, the Hungarian Cyclists' Club and the National Commission on Preventing Acccidents of the Hungarian Policehas been working on the new workbook, Tamás Abelovszky has been coordinating the cooperation, and Mr. Révész has been working on the financial background.

The BringaAkadémia Workbook was completed with the basic rules for pedestrians, and in October-November 2018 all 4th and 5th class pupils will get the new workbook in all Hungarian primary schools, and it will help them to learn the basic rules of transport. The Mentors" Handbook was also completed with the rules for pedestrians to provide a certain background for the teachers to teach to most important rules of transport. The mid-term aim of the government commissioner is to provide the workbook for all the 4th class pupils in the future (from the next schoolyear), and the long-term goal is to build a system, similar to the Austrian, where all 4th class pupils have to give a theoretical exam to prove their knowledge of basic rules for pedestrians and cyclists.