The project 'The Art of Cycling' has just started!

Vuelta Sports Office has been involved in a new Erasmus+ project! A team of Associations Eco Logic (Macedonia), Vuelta Sportegyesulet (Hungary), and Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy) was formed to manage this project.

The project aims to foster joint initiatives of several organizations working in the field of sustainable transport and urban mobility, as well as sustainable community resilience related to the world pandemic.

The idea is that the participating organizations cooperate in the exchange of good practices and developing of innovative tools in difficult times, regarding the development of today's basic skills and competencies needed to assure safer, faster and healthier mode of transport in times of pandemic.

The project will be encouraging adults as it’s target group to learn skills, and be opened to new attitudes towards that can help them throughout their lives both in professional terms and in terms of their own lifestyle.

The project predicts both digital ways on how to stimulate adults to use their bicycles more as a resilience mechanism in relation to pandemic situation, but also to provide them with needed skills, and knowledge on how to maintain and take care of their bicycles. This will be realized by delivery of artistic workshops through which bicycles and maintenance will be promoted in a fun, participatory and interactive way.

Art of Cycling as project would try to bring positives out of a crisis by providing adults with a learning opportunity that will empower and assist them (assembling and repairing bicycles) and work with artists to develop skills in a new medium (artistic bicycle painting as an approach for motivation to learn more about the bicycles and their functionalities). The idea is to motivate people to join open air artistic workshops on which maintenance and repair courses/workshops will be delivered as well. The resulting products will be auctioned in events within the scope of the project and gathered in a publication in which maintenance courses/modules will be presented through the prism of art.

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The project The Art of Cycling 2020-1-MK01-KA227-ADU-094505 is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.