BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook - NEW

Within the frame of Safe4Cycle project Vuelta Sports Office (in cooperation with the project partners) revised the BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook.

The aim of the participating partners in Safe4Cycle project (a strategic partnership for cycling road safety education) is to set up a standard educational program with the connecting mentors’ teaching material which could be used in the future in all the elementary schools. The basis of the new Mentors' Handbook is the BringaAkadémia mentors' training methodology. Thanks to Safe4Cycle the BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook had been revised, the figures of the document redrawn, new graphic layout designed and some chapters restructured.

The BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook is to help the work of our mentors, and contains six chapters:

  1. Basic information about BringaAkadémia Program for the mentors
  2. Basic rules of the Highway Code
  3. Preparing for cycling
  4. Get on the bike!
  5. How to organize a safety cycling practical course?
  6. Touring by bicycle

The new BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook will be translated to Romanian and English, and will be tested in three primary schools in Hungary and Romania in the frame of Safe4Cycle project, and will be revised after 2016/2017 schoolyear, if it is necessary.