BringaAkadémia on PE lessons

A primary school (Gothard Jenő Általános Iskola) in Szombathely is to begin to teach BringaAkadémia (BikeAcademy) on PE lessons from September 2015 as first in Hungary.

The 5th class (10-11 years old) pupils will learn theoretical and practical knowledge both, once a week. In autumn and winter-time the children are attending to theoretical lessons and in March the practical part will start also. At the end of the schoolyear a theoretical and practical exam is planned to be organized. Pupils passing the exam wil get a 'cycling licence'.

The director of the school, the teachers participating in the program, the mayor and the runner of BringaAkadémia, Vuelta Sports Office are regarding the BringaAkadémia Program in the 2016/2017 schoolyear as an experiment. Earlier, since 2008 in several primary schools in Hungary have been oraganized BringaAkadémia courses, but this is the first time when a primary schools is trying to integrate BringaAkadémia to the curriculum and to involve whole classes. Attending to the theoretical lessons the pupils will get acquinted with the basic rules of the Highway Code (especially rules concerning cyclists), the parts of the bicycle, the compulsory equipment, etc. Thanks to Safe4Cycle project Vuelta Sports Offices provides the teachers involved the program a Mentors' Handbook, and the children participating on the lessons a BringaAkadémi booklet that contains the most important knowledge. The practical courses are for prepare the children for cycling on the roads - the teachers are developing the pupils' cycling skills (start and stop, signalling, turning right and left, avoiding an obstacle, etc.).