Safe4Cycle Mentors' training has started in Budapest

On 28th June six Hungarian primary school teachers started the four-day-long Mentors' training program in Budapest.

The program is led by Tamás Abelovszky, director of BikeAcademy Program, Safe4Cycle professional project manager, with the help of two other lecturers, who are the experts in the field of rules of road and cycle touring. The aim of the training is to prepare the teachers for the next schoolyear, when they will run cycling courses in their schools from October 2016. During the four days of the training the participants are dealing with the following topics:

  1. Basic rules of road
  2. Get acquinted with the bicycle: parts of the bicycle, how to adjust a bicycle, failures of bicycles, etc.
  3. Practical cycling skills
  4. Cycle touring

The training at the end is closed by a theoratical and a practical exam.