International cooperation

Vuelta Sports Office is opened for international cooperations with organisations that have similar professional profile and aims like Vuelta Sports Office.

The main profile of Vuelta Sports Office is safety cycling education, especially for children aged 9-12 years. The methodology of BikeAcademy (in Hungarian: BringaAkadémia) program is focusing both on theoratical and practical skills, and on education of the children and their mentors also. BikeAcademy means various activities on the field of safety cycling education:

  • Training for trainers programs for the future BikeAcademy mentors
  • Educational programs in primary schools: BikeAcademy as a voluntary course or BikeAcademy as an optional subject
  • Summar holiday camps
  • Various safety cycling education events
  • Cycling education for adults

We had started to build our international relationships with cooperating with a Romanian oraganisation, Fundația Comunitară Mureș (Mureș Community Foundation). In February 2015 the Romanian partner have organized a 'Training for trainers' program in Târgu Mureș with the help of Vuelta Sports Office, on the basis of the methodology of the BikeAcademy Program. It was the first step of a long-term partnership of the two organisations, since then (in November 2016) we are running our third common project. 

In budapest, Vuelta Sports Office had organized a conference in March 2015 for the experts of safety cycling education of the V4 Countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland), called 'onference on good practices exchange for bicycle and road safety education in the Visegrad Region'. The aim of the conference was was to positionate the current state of road safety education in the Visegrad Region with examples, experience and analysis of institutions engaged in this field of education, involving representatives from V4 countries and experts from the European Union. More information on the conference:

In November 2015 recognising the importance and the actuality of the safety cycling education Vuelta Sport Association in cooperation with three partners (Easy Drivers Radfahrschule from Austria, Mobycon from the Netherlands, Fundația Comunitară Mureș from Romania) decided to develop a cycling road safety education program in the frame of Erasmus+ Program. The aim of the participating partners in the strategic partnership for cycling road safety education is to set up a standard educational program with the connecting Mentors’ teaching material which could be used in the future in all the elementary schools. The educational materials will be translated and adapted to the local traffic rules of Hungary, Austria and Romania, and the material will also be available in English. More information:

Vuelta Sports Office is seeking partners for international cooperation on the field of safety cycling education. If you are interested, please contact us:

Tamás Abelovszky (Director of BikeAcademy Program)

+36 30 462 0181