Publishing activity

The publishing activity of Vuelta Sports Office covers a wide range of booklets, brochures and even books, connected to a defined project or project, or as substanstive products. Our booklets, brochures, etc. are targeting cyclists aged 6 to 99 years old, from 10 to 120 pages - it depends on the aim of the publishing activity and the demand of the clients.


BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook

The BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook is to help the work of our mentors, and contains six chapters:

  1. Basic information about BringaAkadémia Program for the mentors
  2. Basic rules of the Highway Code
  3. Preparing for cycling
  4. Get on the bike!
  5. How to organize a safety cycling practical course?
  6. Touring by bicycle

The new BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook will be translated to Romanian and English, and it is provided to every participants of the BringaAkadémia Training for trainers courses.


BringaAkadémia Workbook

The Workbook contains the basic rules of the Highway Code (especially rules for the cyclists), the compulsory equipments of the bicycle, the description of turning rigth and left, some exercises, etc. with many colourful figures. It is developed for children aged 9-12 years, who are attending to BringaAkadémia safety cycling courses, and gives the theoretical basis of the course.


BringaAkadémia Booklet

The Booklet is first of all designed for reaching children aged 9-12, who cannot participate in BringaAkadémia safety cycling courses in a primary school that runs the program. The first version of the Booklet had been revised several times. the newest version is designed with a layout that is similar to the Workbook and the Mentors' Handbook. The Booklet contains the most important rules of the road, and some information on cycle touring and bicycle sport also.


Biciklis praktikák (Cycling in practice)

Biciklis praktikák booklet had been designed for the National Transport Authority of Hungary in 2013. Vuelta Sports Office, as a partner of the Authority provided the professional content to the booklet that covers all important rules of the Highway Code, gives some advices to buying and adjusting a bicycle, to bicycle maintenance, to transporting bicycles, to developing cycling skills, etc. The target group - anybody, who needs advices to cycling (especially urban cycling). The whole booklet is available on the website of the National Transport Authority of Hungary.


Kétkeréken biztonságban (Safety on tho wheels)

This booklet had been designed for McDonald's Hungary that runs a program called BringaMánia (BikeMania) in Hungary. The target group - children aged 6-10 years.