Safe4Cycle project


Four European organizations are to develop a common cycling road safety education program within the frames of an Erasmus+ project

The four partners have two and a half years and a 340 000 € subsidy from Erasmus+ Program for the implementation of the project. The aim of the project is to set up a standard educational program is to set up a standard educational program, which could be used in the future in all the elementary schools.

The last few years riding bicycle became more and more popular. Thousands of people use bicycle in the cities, towns (home to school or work), in free time, in tourism, friends and families, but they get no education on traffic rules, how to use bicycle on the roads, or simply just how to behave in the traffic. If somebody wants to drive a car, has to take the driving license (dozens of theoretical and practical lessons). Riding in the traffic has no difference from driving a car. Even the children are in especially danger. This is why a cycling road safety educational program has raison d’étre in each European country.

Recognising the importance and the actuality of the issue Vuelta Sport Association in cooperation with three partners (Easy Drivers Radfahrschule from Austria, Mobycon from the Netherlands, Fundația Comunitară Mureș from Romania) decided to develop a cycling road safety education program in the frame of Erasmus+ Program. The four partners have two and a half years and a 340 000 € subsidy from Erasmus+ Program for the implementation of the project.

The aim of the participating partners in the strategic partnership for cycling road safety education is to set up a standard educational program with the connecting Mentors’ teaching material which could be used in the future in all the elementary schools. The educational materials will be translated and adapted to the local traffic rules of Hungary, Austria and Romania, and the material will also be available in English.

The partnership consist of 2 organisations having experience in field of cycling road safety education (from Austria and Hungary), one Romanian partner, who has just started to initiate such a program, and an advisor partner from the Netherlands. The educational material will be set up jointly by the partners basing on their previous experience and advices of the Dutch supporter.

Parallel to the school educational and Mentors’ teaching program a free access online learning material will also be set up, which will be useful as a support material to the school education program, as a home guide for parents intending practice with their children and also for interested people not reached in the schools.

The target group of the current project is the 9-16-year-old age group using bicycle on the roads.

The school educational program has both theoretical and practical part.

The 30-month-long project has three phases:

1) Preparing phase, when the school educational and Mentors’ teaching material will be jointly set up (based on the existing materials, supported by the Dutch partner).

2) Pilot project year in 3-3 elementary schools in Austria, Hungary and Romania in order to test the program in practice and collect the experience. In the pilot program at least 100 pupils/school are to be involved.

3) Dissemination phase, when the educational program and the free access online version will be introduced for the public in a frame of road-shows in the partners’ country and determined channels according to the dissemination action plan.


Impact of the program is to call attention of children, parents and school directors and teachers on the importance of road safety education. As a long term impact more people will use bicycle as a healthy and sustainable type of transport.

Impact of the program at national level is find solution for the permanent financing and human capacity to run the program in each elementary school and/or institution to reach all the children using bicycle in the traffic.

The background job of the project is about the long term maintenance of the educational program in the schools. By the end of the pilot year we strive to reach the goal in Austria, Hungary and Romania, which is to find some possibilities for long term financing of the program in the schools after the implementation period of the project. We would like to find an outsider financer (eg, the local municipality or a regional sponsoring company or the relevant ministry), which can guarantee to support and keep on the educational program. We want to start the second school year in the frame of the project and get a guarantee for furthering it by a local/regional/national support.


More information about Safe4Cycle:

Tamás Abelovszky (Safe4Cycle professional project manager, Vuelta Sport Association)

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