Safety cycling courses, holiday camps

Vuelta Sports Office is organizing safety cycling courses for children aged 9-12. These courses are regularly based in a primary school, and timed after the lessons, in the afternoon.

  • The methodology of BringaAkadémia cycling courses is similar to the methodology of the BringaAkadémia optional subject, but to attend to the course is not obligatory for the children, and more it is more focused on practice.
  • The main goal is to develop the practical cycling skills (start and stop, signalling, turning left and right, etc.), to prepare the pupils for riding in real traffic.
  • Small groups (8-12 children).
  • One lesson per week, mainly in spring (March-May).
  • BringaAkadémia safety cycling courses can be hold not only by teachers, but by anyone else, who participated a BringaAkadémia Training for trainers program and passed the exam.
  • The curriculum covers the following knowledge:
    • Basic rules of the Highway code (especially rules for cyclists)
    • How to adjust a bicycle
    • The compulsory equipments of a bicycle
    • Practical cycling skills

The BringaAkadémia Workbook is especially designed for safety cycling courses to help the teachers job and to help the pupils learning the theoretical knowledge.

Holiday camps

Vuelta Sports Office is ready to help any primary schools to organize cycling tours or cycling holiday camps.

  • Route planning (including sights and additional programs)
  • Booking the accommodation and the meal
  • Providing cycling tour leaders
  • Providing support car
  • Etc.

Vuelta Sports Office is organising BringaAkadémia summer holiday camps in Budapest also. The five-day-long program is based on BringaAkadémia methodology, but with more fun than in the primary schools during the schoolyear. In the morning the program starts with a short theoretical lesson every day (compulsory equipments of a bicycle, basic rules of the Highway Code, etc.), following with a practical lesson. The aim of the practical lesson is to develop the cycling skills of the children. After the lunch, in the afternoon various programs were orgazanized in the neighbourhood; the children visited a traffic camp, a beach, a riding hall, an old underground limestone mine, etc. After five days, on Friday the majority of the children rode the bike more confident than on Monday.