Training for trainers

The Training for trainers program is a part of the BringaAkadémia project since the beginning. In 2008, when Vuelta Sports Office created the 'Bike to school' program in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Transport, one of the main goals was to develop a training for trainers program in order to prepare the future mentors (trainers) for organizing a safety cycling course.

The BringaAkadémia Training for trainers program is mainly based on the British BikeAbility methodology that has been adapted to the Hungarian circumstances.

Training for trainers program is a 30-hour-long course that takes three days. The whole program is divided to four main parts, similar to the BringaAkadémia optional subject.

  1. Basic rules of the Highway Code
  2. Get acquinted with the bicycle: parts of the bicycle, how to adjust a bicycle, failures of bicycles, etc.
  3. How to develop cycling skills in practice
  4. Cycle touring

The course is ending with an exam that contains theoretical and practical parts also. The primary school teacher who passes the exam, gets an official certicicate, since the BringaAkadémia Training for trainers program has been accredited by the Hungarian Office for Education. All participants get the BringaAkadémia Mentors' Handbook for free in order to help their future work.